Live season starts tomorrow

Finally the time has come for this year's first gig. No, it is neither a Blind Guardian, nor a Sinbreed show, tomorrow I will be playing at a private party with some friends, the anual "Metal Piranhas" party, doing a pretty cool cover set, this is definitely going to be a lot of fun. But in only 2 weeks also Blind Guardian will finally be on stage again, I can't wait for this. Talking about playing live, I updated the tourdates section as well as some other things here on the page. You might have noticed a new link in the endorsers section, I am using Richter straps now, the by far best guitar straps I have ever used. And no, this is not just the usual endorser blabbering. There will be an update in the gear section soon where I will be talking about those straps, as well as the strings that I am using and some other stuff, there will also be some more guitars added.


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