New Sinbreed album will come out in march

Wow, one year without me updating this blog, I guess deep in my heart I am not really a blogger.

Even though I have been very lazy here I have been buzy concerning music, I guess most of you will have read Hansi's recent update about Blind Guardian, so you should be up to date about this. If not, you can read it here.

But also in Sinbreed we have been working hard on finishing the new album, so here is a little update on this:

The album is called "Shadows" and will be released on the 28th of March in Europe and on the 15th of April in the USA. Here is the Tracklist:


01 Bleed

02 Shadows

03 Call To Arms

04 Reborn

05 Leaving The Road

06 Far Too Long

07 Black Death

08 Standing Tall

09 London Moon

10 Broken Wings

SinBreed - Shadows


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